The housewrecked place was burned, our protagonist’s world is finished, and all his family members are dead. Only the heads of his parents are left; that monster killed everyone in his family, and he wishes he would have died too. But that’s what he just thought. The monster chops our protagonist’s head, then the monster drags our protagonist’s body. The monster eats it. On the other hand, the other monster tells his monster friend that he is full. His friend responded that all he just did was eat, but his friend thinks it’s fun to play with people. Then he tells his friend if he’s gonna do that again, he should eat something else. The monster said he cannot give up on the delicious food for such a lame reason, to which his friend laughs and agrees. Suddenly, the monster noticed something. Then he pointed to the other monster who is currently holding an arm and asked if he’s saving that for later. Suddenly, our protagonist angrily launched an attack on the monster. Unfortunately, the monster grabbed our protagonist’s neck. When the monster saw our protagonist’s face, he was confused. Then the monster lifted our protagonist in one hand while looking at his other hand, currently holding an arm. The monster wonders what’s happening because he was sure the guy he was holding was the one that he was currently eating. Then the monster drops the arm, holding it on the ground, and grabs the arm of our protagonist. The monster pulls the arm off, which made him shocked. The monster drops our protagonist, who’s screaming in pain. But while our protagonist is crying in pain, his hand is regenerating, which made the monster shocked. Then the monster smiles when they see that our protagonist completely regenerates his arm. One of the monsters shouted to ask how his arm keeps regenerating, and he thinks our protagonist is like a lizard’s tail. Then the other monster stepped on our protagonist’s body while laughing and said he thinks he can play with everything below our protagonist’s head because the other part of his body is regenerating too. Then the other monster said if they have our protagonist, he can eat the most delicious food for the rest of his life, which made our protagonist cry in fear. The other monster said it’s decided that his three-eyed monster friend will raise our protagonist. His friend responded, of course, and he said they should give our protagonist a name. Suddenly, the other monster who is currently stepping on our protagonist said what his friends said earlier would be a nice one. Then the monster looks at our protagonist laughing while saying he looks forward to our protagonist’s kind cooperation. Then he called our protagonist “lizard’s tail.” The monster stamped on our protagonist’s body, which made his body destroyed, and he screamed in pain. The ability of regeneration, which our protagonist thought was a gift from God, was nothing but a curse to him. Several years later, at the cave, our protagonist was chained to the rock. Then the three-eyed monster said he feels hungry while looking at our protagonist. The other monster tells his friend to give him a leg too. Then the three-eyed monster grabs his leg and pulls our protagonist slack, which made him scream in pain. Then the three-eyed monster throws the leg to the other monster, and the other monster eats it. Our protagonist thinks the regeneration rate has been accelerating every day; however, the pain never disappears. Suddenly, the monster with three eyes was going to unlock the chain, but the other monster saw the three-eyed monster and tells it if he’s going to play, stop what he’s doing. The monster also said he had never touched our protagonist’s hair because that’s his weakness, and if he died, it was a big problem for them. The three-eyed monster tells the other monster not to worry because he has done that more than once, and he won’t let our protagonist die. Then the monster unlocked the chain while saying the other monster means that he only needs to not touch our protagonist’s hair. The chain comes off, which made our protagonist free while thinking the lunatic monster keeps doing that when it was hungry. Then the monster called him “lizard tail” and asked what he is doing. Then the monster ordered him to hurry up and come to him. But our protagonist just looks at the monster while thinking, thanks to the idiot monster, he gets the chance to try a punch. The monster mocks him and asks our protagonist if he forgets that they ate his parents already, which made him angry. Then he ran toward the monster while shouting at the monster to shut its mouth. Then he jumps toward the monster while telling the monster that he’ll kill him. But the monster just laughs. Then the monster jumped very fast and attacked him, which ended up in our protagonist missing an arm. The monster who is currently biting our protagonist’s missing arm while saying that is the correct way to eat humans. The monster swallowed his food. Then it jumps and attacks our protagonist while laughing. But our protagonist avoided it. Then the monster attacks him again continuously while telling our protagonist that he is good at avoiding his attack. He’s still avoiding the monster’s attack while realizing that the monster is using him to eat while playing. Then our protagonist launched an attack on the monster while talking about how dare the monster use him like that. Our protagonist was ready to punch the monster while hoping he can hit the monster with at least one shot. But the monster caught his fist and laughed while saying he sees that our protagonist improved, but his skill has improved too. Then the monster breaks his arm, and when the monster was going to bite our protagonist’s arm, he saw an opportunity. Then he moved his body that made his arm currently being held by the monster twist and broke it. Our protagonist inserted his regenerating arm into the monster’s mouth, which made the monster choked. Then our protagonist takes his arm out from the monster’s mouth, who is still choking while laughing and mocking the monster about how his attack tastes. Then the other monster laughs and asks if the three-eyed monster gets hit by our protagonist. Suddenly, the monster grabs his head and squeezes it angrily and said how dare him to attack him. But our protagonist just shouted to the monster to hurry up and kill him. The other monster looks at the three-eyed monster and said he told him not to kill our protagonist while our protagonist is screaming in pain. Then our protagonist tells the three-eyed monster that he was the weakest, and that’s why he needs permission to kill him. Then he laughed, which made the three-eyed monster angrier. The other monster tells the three-eyed monster not to fall for our protagonist’s words because he’s trying to provoke him. The other monster says and walked toward the three-eyed monster while saying if the three-eyed monster lets our protagonist go, he’ll take him to the village that he had earmarked, and he’ll be surprised in there. The three-eyed monster smiles. Then the monster slams our protagonist on the ground while excitedly saying he was waiting for that moment. Then the monster left our protagonist on the ground while walking toward the other monster excitedly saying it’s been a while since he hunted. On the other hand, our protagonist on the ground hopelessly thinks the monster won’t kill him, and he can’t die. A few moments later, our protagonist was biting his chain. Then the three-eyed monster walks close to him while saying that it was pitiful because even though he knows he can’t do anything, he keeps struggling. Then the monster laughed and said, “That is why our protagonist is so funny.” The other monster drags our protagonist, leaving a trail of blood, while the three-eye monster mocks our protagonist. On the other hand, the blood on the ground was checked by someone who said that the blood looks like human blood; however, the amount is a bit too much. Then that someone grabs the sand on the ground angrily and said it was definitely a monster’s doing. On the other hand, our protagonist was shouting to the villagers to run away because the monsters are coming, which made the monster ask our protagonist what has he made because it’s too loud. But our protagonist continues shouting to warn the villagers to run away because the monsters are coming. The three-eye monster asks our protagonist if the villagers hear him and run away, but our protagonist just ignores the monster and continues shouting. Then the three-eye monster tells him that what he means is humans don’t believe anything until they see it, and the monster said that our protagonist knows it, so he should shut up and move. But he just ignores the monster again and continues shouting. Suddenly, someone made a loud step behind them, which made our protagonist and the three monsters look back and shocked. The man tells our protagonist that he did a great job and he couldn’t track him because his blood trails disappeared in the middle of the road, but thanks to his scream, he was able to find him. Our protagonist tells the man that if he heard it, he should have run away. Then he asked the man what is he doing still and asked him if he can’t see the monsters, which made the man speechless. Then the man angrily tells our protagonist to leave the monsters to him, to which the three-eye monster laughs and asks the other monster if he can eat the man. The other monster responded that he can do as he pleases, but he needs to eat the man quickly. The man grabs something inside his shirt and showed a bell, which made our protagonist confused. Then the man started to shake the bell, making a noise. The bell handle released a white aura, and the aura spread to the man, changing him into white. Suddenly, a girl appeared behind the man’s back, but the three-eye monster just laughed while running toward the man, and the other monster tried to stop the three-eye monster. Then the man pulled his sword while the three-eye monster was running toward him. Then the man opened his eyes, now black, and cut the monster in half with one swing, which shocked the two other monsters and our protagonist. The man introduced himself as Chinwu, a monster hunter. The monster just looks at Chinwoo confused, which made Chin ask if they haven’t ever heard of it before. He explained that the monster hunter is the one who kills the monsters. Suddenly, the other monster, holding our protagonist, throws our protagonist aside and angrily runs towards him, saying Chin will stop the nonsense when he’ll eat him. Then the other monster uses its tentacles from his back to attack Chin, while the other monster is running towards him. But Chin deflects all the attacks of the monster before it can hit him. Then the other monster tries to punch Jin while saying Chin’s mouth runs too wild and he will shut it for him. The monster’s attack made a big splash around them, but Chin just holds the monster fist, which made the monster shocked. Chin looks at his sword while holding the monster’s fist and says the words “Sanjido,” to which the purple aura around him increases. Chin’s sword shows light suddenly. The monster takes his fist back and tries to punch him with its other fist, but Chin lifts his sword and cuts the monster in half. The monster’s body splits in half. Then suddenly, a light from above falls to the ground and cuts the ground. The other monster notices it and jumps to the side to avoid it. When the monster looks back to the ground, he saw the ground cut in half. Chin angrily looks at the monster, which made the monster begin to spare him. But Chin and pierce the monster with an aura in the chest, which made the monster fall to the ground. Chin sighs in relief. Then he frees our protagonist from the chain. Jin tells him to relax because there aren’t any monsters, which made our protagonist wonder if Chin thinks he’s scared. Our protagonist laughs and cries at the same time, thinking he was just touched by the fact that Chin can kill the monsters. Chin asks him if he’s okay. Suddenly, our protagonist faces Chin while saying “me too,” which confuses him. Our protagonist, who’s laughing and crying at the same time, asks Jin if he hears our protagonist right. On the other hand, our protagonist realizes that the lizard’s tail is the name given by the monsters and wonders why he spits that word so casually. Then our protagonist angrily curses the monsters who tortured him and decides to accept the monster’s name they gave him so that he never forgets what the monsters did to him. Our protagonist angrily responds to Chin that his name is “Lizard’s Tail.” Chin tells Lizard that he’ll teach him, which makes Lizard shocked and asks if Chin is really going to teach him. But Chin responds that the method will be extremely painful. Then he asks Lizard if he can endure it. Lizard creepily responded that all those years he had lived in nothing but unimaginable pain, and the only thing that matters to him is that he can kill the monsters. Chin can smile and tell Lizard that he’ll tell him something good before their training. Then, Chin grabs the monster’s ring while saying when a monster dies, its ring disappears, which means the monster he was holding is not dead yet. Chin lifts up the monster while saying, at the very least, he’ll help Lizard to kill the monster he was holding. Lizard happily thanks Chin. A moment later, someone coughed and opened its eyes. The monster who is currently chained to the stone said he was still alive but wonders why. The monster said how dare they tie him up with something like a chain, and he said he can break it easily. Suddenly, a sword pierced the monster’s shoulder. Then, Chin, sitting above the stone, tells the monster that although chains won’t keep him tied up, he can tell by the sound by its moving. Chin also tells the monster that if the chain breaks, he’ll die. Then he asks the monster if he gets it. The monster responded he got it. Then, Chin jumps off the stone and tells the monster to wait till Lizard awakens, then he’ll give him a chance to run away, which made the monster angry, and he thinks he doesn’t care about Lizard. Chin tells Lizard that he’s going to teach him how to possess the divine power. Chin said every human being is connected to the divinity, which made Lizard shocked while looking at Chin’s hand. Chin explained that if Lizard immerses himself in that divinity and feels the divine power, Lizard can use the divine power. Then Chin looks at Lizard while saying that is why the monster hunter is strong, which made Lizard nod to signal that he understands. Chin said the first step to possess the divine power is to open his sixth sense, which made Lizard ask what the sixth sense is. Chin explained it was the feeling of senses, but it takes a long time to open his sixth sense. Lizard asks how long it takes to open his sixth sense. Shin responded that it varies from person to person, but it can take years or even decades at the most. Shin’s answer made Lizard sad, and he said if it takes that long, then his revenge will take too long. But Chin said he’ll help Lizard force open his sixth sense, which made Lizard light up again because there was a fast way. But Chin reminds Lizard that it would be very painful to do that way. Lizard confidently said it doesn’t matter. Shin held Lizard’s head while holding the bell. Then he said he’ll open up Lizard’s sixth sense. Then Chin closes his eyes while shaking the bell. Then the bell releases a white aura that confused Lizard. Lizard’s sixth sense was open suddenly. Lizard feels something and saw a black fog coming out of his body. Shin explained that the black fog is the sixth sense, the sense of divine power. Then Chin asks Lizard how does the sensation feel. Lizard responded that it was creepy, but it’s not painful at all. As Chin said, Chin put his bell back on his shirt while explaining that for now, Lizard has to work slowly to build trust with the divinity to become capable of possessing the power. Then Chin tells Lizard that if he forces himself to possess the divine power, the divinity will refuse his requests. Lizard shouted that what Chin did was meaningless. But Chin said no, and he explained that even if the possession is refused, Lizard can still forcefully hold onto it and undergo an incomplete possession. However, incomplete possession is divinity’s half power, which means Lizard will not be able to use the full power of divinity. But Lizard will still be able to use half of it. Lizard asks Jin if they can kill the monster even if their power is half. Shin responded, yes, then order Lizard to close his eyes and focus only on his sixth sense, and he will know how to call the divinity. Lizard confidently agrees and said he’ll try it. Then Lizard closes his eyes and tries to focus on his sixth sense, but all he can hear is noise. Then he hears someone cussed a word, which made him wonder. Then Lizard’s eye opens while behind him were two powerful eyes. On the other hand, Chin was confused to hear Lizard cuss. Then Lizard kneeled one knee on the ground while swearing to someone. Then the monster opened his eyes and tried to catch his breath. Then Chin asks Lizard if he really means to say the god who likes swearing and can also be said Lizard is an interesting guy. Then Chin walked toward Lizard while asking if Lizard could endure the pain. Lizard responded, yes, and he said he was surprised, but he thinks he can manage. Chin tells Lizard that he now needs to force himself to hold on and don’t let go after calling the divinity. Lizards stand up then inhale and cussed then he tried to call the divinity again. Lizard endures the pain while telling himself to keep going. Lizard’s veins are starting to pop out, and his eye slowly shows its veins too, but Lizard was determined, even in so much pain. Lizard also tells himself that he must hold on to it. This makes Chin proud and thinks he had his doubts about Lizard, but Lizard really managed to do it. On the other hand, Lizard thinks it’s trying to get out of him because his whole body feels like it’s going to explode. Chin tells Lizard that the remaining problem is to endure the pain while moving. Then he asks Lizard if he can handle it. Lizard angrily sinks his feet into the ground then ran toward the monster who was chained to the stone while saying he’ll try to kill the monster. The monster was shocked to see Lizard running toward him. Then the monster immediately frees itself and dodges before Lizard attacks hit him. Then it looked at the smiling Lizard in shock and confusion. Then Chin tells the monster that it was an opportunity to run away, and if he can beat Lizard, he’ll free him, which made the monster shocked. Lizard looks at the monster while smiling and tells the monster that they should do it. The monster just looks at Lizard and wonders if is that really Lizard. The monster also wonders how Lizard becomes so strong in such a short amount of time. Then he looks at Chin, wondering what did Chin do to Lizard. The monster angrily looks at Lizard while thinking the result Chin wants will never be true. Lizard stomps his feet forcefully then jumps toward the monster and is ready to attack it, but the monster ran toward Lizard’s back while saying no matter how strong Lizard becomes if Lizard can’t move, it’s over. Then the monster made his claws long and cuts Lizard’s back using its claws, which made Lizard unbalanced. Then the monster saw the opportunity and tried to pierce Lizard’s head, but before Lizard gets his head pierced, suddenly Lizard disappeared, which made the monster shocked. Then Lizard said, as he expected, the monster liked it when he pretended to be duped, which made the monster remember how the three-eye monster played with Lizard before. Then Lizard punched the monster’s face, which made the monster throne on the ground. The monster stands up while coughing and thinking that Chin trained Lizard’s tail. Then Lizard looks at the monster while smiling while continuously saying he’ll kill the monster. Then Lizard launches toward the monster. On the other hand, Chin, who’s looking at the fight, thinks Lizard’s agile movement while enduring the pain is amazing. He also knows that it’s the same as completing an imperfect image in one go. While looking at Lizard, he also thinks Lizard is talented and may be better than him because he has a better sense of devotion to divinity more than anyone else. On the other hand, Blizzard punched the monster, but the monster avoided it and laughed. Then the monster stabbed Lizard using its tentacles, but Lizard just laughed and held one of the monster’s tentacles, which made the monster confused. Lizard then bit off the tentacle, causing the monster pain, and punched Lizard away. Lizard jumped backward on the ground two times before managing to land properly. He spat out a piece of tentacle he had bitten and laughed while saying that he’s having fun, and the feeling he’s experiencing is good. The monster angrily held his horn behind his back, threatening Lizard to wait for it. The monster forcefully pulled the horn out, revealing it to be a sword, with blood pouring behind him. He told Lizard that he would cut Lizard’s head into small pieces. Blizzard was stunned for a moment, and Lizard started laughing, realizing that the horn from the monster’s back is a weapon, confusing the monster as he walked towards Lizard. Lizard held his hand, saying it would be more fun if there are weapons. Lizard squeezed his arm and pulled it off, holding his arm, stating that his weapon would be his arm, shocking the monster. The monster clenched his teeth and jumped toward Lizard, holding his sword and shouting that it’s time’s up for joking around. Lizard readied his arm, saying the monster is right because his name is Lizard Tail. Lizard blocked the monster’s sword using his arm. The monster was shocked, realizing that he couldn’t cut through Lizard’s bone. On the other hand, Chin wondered if the monster’s inability to cut through Lizard’s bone was due to Lizard pulling it with divine power or if it was just a coincidence. However, Chin found it fun, or perhaps more like a stupefying idea. On the other hand, Blizzard made the monster back off a little. Lizard reached and grabbed the monster’s hand, shocking the monster. Lizard smiled creepily at the monster, claiming he caught him. Lizard then used his weapon arm to cut the monster’s arm, making the monster scream in pain. Suddenly, Lizard attacked the monster again with his weapon arm, but the monster noticed and jumped back to avoid it, leaving Lizard alone on the broken ground. The monster looked at Lizard, thinking he needed to aim for the head when Lizard’s vision was obscured. The monster held onto his weapon tightly, determined to try his best. The monster ran toward Lizard, determined to pierce Lizard’s head. The monster saw Lizard facing the other way, and when Lizard looked back, the monster was near his face, smiling and shouting that it’s over. However, the monster’s weapon broke into pieces during the attack, stunning the monster in shock. Blizzard smiled and asked the monster why he was there, causing the monster’s face to turn into despair. The monster felt the fear he had experienced in the face of Chinwoo again. The monster dropped his broken weapon on the ground, unlike last time, sensing his impending death. He began running without looking back, but Lizard jumped toward the monster. Lizard was smiling while readying his arm weapon, and the monster’s face was full of despair as Lizard smashed the monster’s head using his arm, causing the monster’s head to bounce to the ground and roll before it stopped. The head of the monster was on the ground, currently fading, its ring on the head. I wonder how it was killed by a human. On the other hand, the lizard walks toward the monster’s head, drops his arm weapon on the ground, and then grabs the fading ring of the monster’s head. While saying he’ll give the monster a name before it dies, the lizard lifts the monster’s head while looking at it and says, “From now on, the monster’s name is the beginning of Revenge.” Then he drops the monster’s head on the ground without its ring. He looks at it while telling his mother and father that it has finally started. He said he will take Vengeance by killing all the monsters. Chin tells the lizard that they should go, and he’ll take him to a nearby village, which made the lizard turn to Chin and ask if they need to go right now. Chin responded “Yes” and said the village was probably around the corner. Then, looking up at Lizard, Chin thanks Lizard, and they walk toward the village. While walking, Lizard asks Chin what would have happened if the divine power took a lot of time to get possessed. Shin is silent for a moment, then Chin responds, “Hatred,” which shocks Lizard. Chin tells Lizard that he believed his hatred would shorten the time for possession, but he didn’t expect him to do it in one go. Chin said maybe it was guilt. Chin said a boy who doesn’t even know what a monster hunter is, and he said it’s been a while since he had seen someone like Lizard. Lizard responded he guessed so. Suddenly, they saw something explode in the village, which made them shocked. Then Lizard uses the divine power again, making his body flinch a little. Chin and Lizard ran toward the village. Meanwhile, people in the village were panicking and running because the monster is in the village. On the top of the building, there are many monsters. One monster said there are no monster hunters in the village. Then the other monster said he had no idea that there was still a village with no Monster Hunters. One monster asks the other monster how long it will take because he’s going to miss the people by just watching. Then the monster jumps off the building and runs toward the people while saying today shall be a feast to him. The kid was running with the other people while catching his breath. Suddenly he trips and falls to the ground. Then the kid feels the monster behind him, and the monster asks if he shall start eating the kid. Which made the kids scared when the monster was about to eat the kid’s face. Lizard jumped from afar toward the monster and punched the monster away from the kid. Lizard landed on the ground with the monster. The monster was shocked to see a Monster Hunter. Lizard punched the monster’s head, which made the monster’s head break into pieces. Then, lizard looks at the other monsters who are currently panicking. One of the monsters asked the other monster why he said there was no monster trainer in the village, and the monster said he knew that it would happen. Then one of the monsters jumped away, making the other monster ask why it was running. The monster said they should cut the crap because he doesn’t want to die, but the monster was cut in half, which made the other monster shocked. Chin is the one who cut the monster in half. Chin thinks there must be Guardian divisions in all villages, but he wonders why he can’t see them. Suddenly, the two monsters jumped toward Chin, saying if they get rid of lizard and Chin, the rest will be theirs. The two monsters were going to attack Chin, but Chin just said the two monsters are greedy foxes. Then he cut the two monsters into pieces while angrily asking the monsters what they were whispering. Then Chin looks at the other monsters and uses his blade Aura to attack the other monsters. One monster angrily asks the other monster what he is trying to do, but before the monster can finish his words, he got cut in half by Chin’s sword Aura, while the other monster got down on the ground in time to avoid Chin’s attack. Then the monster looks at Chin angrily and looks down at a kid on the ground, wondering how that situation can happen to them. The monster jumps off the building and ran toward the kid, saying he’s gonna eat at least one person before dying. But before the monster can get to the kid, suddenly, hands appear right in front of its face. Then, Lizard punches its face, and the monster’s body was thrown on the ground and stopped in front of the kid. Lizard kicks the monster’s body away, and the monster’s body hits the building. Then, Lizard tells the kid not to look at the monster’s body because it isn’t a good thing for a kid. Chin landed on the ground, telling Lizard that he did a good job. On the other hand, the people were standing in shock for a moment. Then, the people shouted that they were saved. The people celebrate and thank the Monster Hunter. The kid called Blizzard and asked if Lizard is a new Hunter, which made Lizard look back, confused. Suddenly, Lizard saw something; he saw someone crying because that person’s loved one got killed, which made Lizard sad. From behind, Lizard hears Chantelle’s voice, telling him to think of the people he saved. Vengeance patted Lizard’s head, telling him to let him think of the dead. Suddenly, someone in the crowd raised its hand and walked toward Lizard and Chin to set his The Village head. The man thanked Lizard and Chin for saving the Villager, saying if there’s anything they need, he’ll be glad to help them. Chin thanks the man, and he holds Lizard’s shoulder, saying Lizard has no clothes and nothing to eat, to which the man understands. The man said they should leave it to him, then grabs Lizard’s shoulder while shouting to the Villager to guide the hero who saved their Village to the bathhouse. He asks the Villager to prepare clothes and food for the Monster Hunters. While Lizard is being carried by the Villager to the bathhouse, Chin notices something from afar. On the other hand, someone found the monster’s body and said he thinks someone arrived before them. The woman looked at someone and said she guessed that person protected the village. Then, they saw Chin walking toward them, which made the woman ask if Chin is the one who blew away the entire Monster’s Island. The other man also asked if Chin seemed kind of angry while the leader was in fear. Chin said he wondered why there was no guard on duty. Then he asked them if it is not their duty. The leader immediately apologized, which made the two other guards shocked. The other guard explained that there was no monster for quite a while, but the leader angrily covered the man’s mouth, which made the man shocked. Chin asks the guard what would have happened to the villagers if he hadn’t come and if they are going to make such excuses in front of the dead. Then, Chin tells the guards that he’ll keep them in his mind and asks the guard if they know what he means. The guards immediately said yes. Chin turns around while ordering the guards to start by apologizing to the victims’ families and taking responsibility for the casualty, to which the guards immediately agreed. An hour later, the night comes. Chin is resting on the side, and when he peeks to see Lizard walking toward him, Chio tells Lizard that he looks quite handsome after cutting his hair. Lizard responds he guesses hair is his weakness, and he thinks it was not good to play with it. Then, Lizard bows his head to Chin while thanking Chin again, saying because of Chin, he now has a goal, which makes Chin ask what goal Lizard is talking about. Lizard responds that his goal is killing all the monsters as if the monsters didn’t exist from the beginning. Chin said Lizard’s goal is a tough one, and it would be better if Lizard becomes a Monster Hunter. Lizard agrees to become a hunter monster and explains that back then, he couldn’t see anything because he was so swamped by Vengeance, but now he has decided to become a monster hunter. Then, Lizard starts to kneel, saying he has no shame, so he’ll get down on his knees one more time. When Lizard completely kneels, he asks Chin to accept him as a disciple because he wants to see his path ahead. Then, Lizard looks down, but Chin just walks past him. Chin stops and looks back at Lizard, telling him that they should go. Then, Chin called Lizard disciple, which shocked Lizard. Lizard looks back at Chin, who is currently walking away, and stands up while agreeing with his teacher. Chin tells Lizard to be prepared because his training would be hard. Lizard, who is currently running to keep up with Chin, responded, “Yes.” Suddenly, the kid ran toward Chin and Lizard while calling Lizard. While running, the kid thanked Lizard again for saving him and also said someday he’s going to be a rookie too. The kid shouted to tell Lizard that he is going to save people just like him. The kid catches his breath while looking at Chin and Lizard, who are walking away, then smiles because he sees Lizard raising his fist as a goodbye, which makes the kid happily shout to tell Lizard all the best, brother. While Chin and Lizard were walking, Chin tells Lizard that before they begin his training, first he should learn a bit about the Monster Hunters. Lizard asks Jin if the monster hunter isn’t supposed to kill the monsters. Chin responds it was just a half-truth. Then, Chin explains that the hunters protect the humans and destroy monsters. Also, there are two divisions of Monster Hunters that share the same fundamental ideology but have different core objectives. The first one is the Guardian’s Army. The Guardian’s Army primarily protects the human territory and destroys the monsters that invade it. Then the second one is the Advanced Division. The Advanced Division goes out of the human territory to destroy the monsters. Chin asks Lizard which one he wants to join. Lizard responds he wants to join the Advanced Division. Chin tells Lizard that his decision was good, and they should start the training now, which makes Lizard excited because they will start the training. Then Chin said the training they’re going to do now is running, which makes Lizard confused. Chin laughs and asks Lizard if he’s disappointed. Then Chin explains that the basis of all movements is running, to which Lizard just agrees with some disappointment. But Chin looks at Lizard and says they are going to run while possessing the power, and they will also train to maintain the spirit, which makes Lizard light up again. Then Chin orders Lizard to possess the power, to which Lizard immediately follows. Lizard asks if he’s not going to use the divine power. Chin responded he doesn’t need to because when they reach the perfect possession, God’s power is conveyed on its own to some extent. Then Chin tells Lizard that they should go, which made Blizzard agree in excitement. Then they started running. The night fades, the dawn fades, and the morning comes, but Chin and Lizard are still running while Lizard complains about how long they have to run. Lizard said it’s so hard that he feels like he’s gonna die. Chin looks at Lizard, completely okay, while asking if he didn’t rest just a while back. Lizard responded that he’s not resting, and he just became slow because of running for so long. But Chin just ran past Lizard while Lizard is still complaining and asking if Chin is giving him a real break instead of those fake breaks. When Lizard catches up to Chin, Chin tells Lizard that they will take a break, which made Lizard look at Chin and ask if Chin was telling the truth. But Lizard also said they should get rid of the monsters, which made Lizard shocked and look his way. Lizard saw many monsters eating and walking in one place, then Lizard smiled, squeezed his arm, and pulled it out while saying he’ll going to destroy each one of the monsters. Chin and Lizard ran toward the monsters, which made one monster notice them. Then the monster tells the other monster that human beings are going their way, which made the other monsters shocked. Then the monsters excitedly said it was delicious food. Then the monsters ran toward Chin and Lizard. Blizzard holds his arm weapon tightly and smashed the monster’s head, but more monsters appear in front of him. Lizard swings his arm weapon back then hits the monster’s head one by one, which made the monsters thrown on the wall. Lizard laughed and said it’d be best if the monsters all explode. Suddenly, one monster swings its hand and hits Lizard’s body. Lizard gets angry and smashes the monster’s head using his arm weapon to the ground. Blizzard looks at the dead monster and says it was useless. Then Chin, who is currently being attacked by another monster, calls Lizard Shin, who’s being attacked, and tells Lizard that he thinks he should try to avoid all the monster attacks before he kills them, which made Lizard ask if that is necessary. Chin, who just avoided the monster attack, responds that it will make him stronger, and Lizard should trust him. Lizard agrees while the monster is about to attack him. Then he avoids it and punches the monster’s head, which makes the monster’s head explode. The other monsters run toward Lizard, saying the one who grabs Lizard first will eat Lizard, which shocks Lizard. Then Lizard jumps into the air, leaving the monster on the ground. The monster follows him in the air, and the monster is about to bite Lizard’s arm from behind while Lizard is looking on the ground, saying he doesn’t think he can avoid all of the monsters. The monster bites Lizard’s arm, making Lizard in pain. The monster says Lizard’s arm is delicious. Then Lizard grabs the monster’s head, and Lizard lands on the ground while holding the face of the monster. When he is on the ground, the other monsters try to attack him again, making Lizard angrier and asking the monster why they are talking nonsense. Then Lizard holds his arm weapons tightly with divine power, launches, and smashes and cuts every monster that is in his way while running. Lizard stops for a second, but the other monster launches behind him while excitedly saying Blizzard is delicious food. Lizard looks back and cuts in half all the monsters behind him in one swing of his arm weapon. The other monsters hesitate to attack Lizard, but Lizard tells the other monsters not just to run away because they’re scared, and he calls the monsters weaklings to provoke them. The monsters get angry and attack Lizard. A few minutes later, Lizard is lying on the ground, relaxing, saying he had fun. Suddenly, Chin asks Lizard if he rested long enough, which makes Lizard sit up and ask if they are leaving too soon. Chin responds, “Yes,” and asks Lizard if he isn’t hungry. Lizard responds cheerfully that he is hungry. Benton stretches his body while saying they will go eat at the next Village. This makes Lizard stunned for a moment, then he realizes something, and that’s how Lizard begins running again. They run from one village to another, and every time they see the monsters, they kill them, and then they run again. They run for a couple of days, to several days, to several weeks, to the point that Lizard loses track of time because he ran around so much. Eventually, Lizard is on the brink of collapse before they make it to the next village at the front of the Village. Lizard is amazed that the village is really big. Then, Lizard asks Gen if they’re going to rest there, and he tells Chin they need to hurry up and go to eat. While they are walking down the stairs, Jin says they will eat on their way, which makes Lizard confused. He asks what kind of training Chin was talking about. Chin responds that it wasn’t training; he means they were going to eat on their way. Then, Chin points to the sky, ordering Lizard to look at it. Lizard is confused, but he sees something in the sky that gets down on the land, which makes Lizard shocked. The big ship with a castle landed on the ground, amazing Lizard. The announcer says the ship will be departing to the central city in a few minutes, and if the people have to travel, they should get on board. Shin tells Lizard that it is for eating delicious food and sleeping well. Then, Chin holds Lizard’s shoulder and tells Lizard that they should go to the hunter base. Lizard smiles and immediately agrees. Chin and Lizard enter the ship, and the ship flies to the sky. A few hours later, Lizard is bored just looking at Chin, who is currently reading a book. Suddenly, the announcer announces that their ship will be arriving at the Central City shortly. Then, Lizard puts his face on the ship’s glass and is surprised. He is amazed to see the beautiful Central City. Lizard sadly says he wished they’d lived in a place like the Central City. A moment later, Blizzard and Chin arrive in the Central City while walking. Lizard asks Jin why they came to the Central City if he said he would take him to the Hunter’s base. Chin responds that it’s because the new headquarters is in the Central City. Then Chin points at something while saying that the huge tree over there is their new headquarters, which makes Lizard shocked. Lizard asks him if the huge tree is actually the headquarters. Lizard looks at the tree and asks Jin if they really have to go to the tree because it’s incredible. Then Lizard confidently looks and asks Jim what he needs to do to become a new Hunter. Toon responds that there is nothing much to do and that he will vouch for him. Lizard confidently says Chin will be vouching for him. Chin tells Lizard to get serious because he’s going to be a new Monster Hunter on his recommendation, so the other hunters will be observing him even more strictly, to which Lizard immediately agrees. A few minutes later at the headquarters, the man at the table stamps Lizard’s paper while saying with Chinwoo’s reference, he’s letting him join the advanced division. Then the man asks Lizard about his outfit. Lizard confusingly asks what outfit. The man responds, Monster Hunter clothes, but Lizard just says they should just give the outfit to him. Then the man looks at Lizard angrily while thinking Lizard looks young, but he wonders why Lizard keeps talking informally to him and how did Chinwoo bring Lizard. The man angrily stands up while telling Lizard that he’ll just give the ones with basic color outfits to him. On the other hand, Chin was reading a book when someone called him to stand up and salute the man and called the man his son. Then Chin said it’s been a while since he saw his son. His son, Esun, responds it’s been a while. A battalion Commander named his son tells Chin that he has been away for quite long, then his son laughs telling Chin that his usual nothing special happened to him. Chin responds that Esan was right, while Lizard is confused. Then Lizard runs towards Chin and asks his son how dare he put his hand on his t-shirts and shoulder, which makes Chin shocked, Esan confused. Shin hits Lizard’s head while laughing and telling his son that his disciple is immature, which makes his son laugh, saying Lizard is full of spirit. Then Esan looks at Lizard, telling Chin that he said he’d been away for quite long. Esan says he saw the gem suddenly. Someone behind Lizard, named Rayon, says if Lizard does that kind of act again, he will blow Lizard’s hair. Rayon is Esan’s student, and another man named Yong Suk says such words and actions ain’t appropriate to address the elders. Yong Suk is also Esan’s student. Then Jiang salutes to Chinwoo and asks Chin how he is because it’s been a while. Jiang tells Rayon to say hello to Chin, but Rayon asks Gen if Lizard is his student and why his student is so rude. Shin responds that Lizard is his student, while Lizard angrily asks Rayon what did he say, which makes Rayon shocked because Chin got a brat student. Chin taps Lizard’s shoulder and orders Lizard to say hello to his son’s disciples, but Lizard angrily says the two men are so arrogant. Then Lizard angrily tells Rayon and Jiang that he’s much stronger than them, which makes Jiang shocked and Rayon angry. Then Lizard asks what did he say, Rayon, and Lizard angrily looks at each other while Chin’s son just laughs because he thinks they’re so funny. Then his son said that in that case, they should find out who was stronger than them. Nissan asks Chin what he thinks because he thinks it’s a good idea that their students compete with each other. Shim looks at Angry Lizard and said that Sun’s plan sounds good. Then his son asks the man at the desk named Jisok to find him a cleanup operation. A cleanup operation means a mission to hunt monsters. Then his son walks away first while saying he’s appointing Chin as the platoon leader, to which Chin immediately agrees. On the other hand, Lizard teases Rayon, who is currently being pulled back by Jiang. Then his son calls them to follow and tells them that they should have fun. Chin tells the students that they’re a platoon, while Jiang tries to stop Lizard and Rayon from fighting. A minute later, they walk to some place. The man salutes Chin and calls Chin to tell him the way. The man gives the coordinates to Chin, saying he has arranged a vehicle for him. Chin gets the coordinates and thanks the man. Then Chin looks back to tell the students that they’re leaving, and everyone should get in the palanquin while Lizard and Rayon are still teasing each other. Chin opens the coordinates, puts it into the machine, and the coordinates light up. Chin and the students sit on the palanquin while the man salutes Chin and wishes for their safe return. Chin tells the man to have a nice day. Then Chin drives the palanquin so fast that Lizard’s face is pulling back. On their ride, Lizard is amazed that the palanquin is fast and wonders if the palanquin is the same as the previous dragon ship he rode on. Then Lizard looks at his fist while thinking that he was excited for no reason and he wants to hurry up to see the monsters because he wants to kill all the monsters in a single blow. A moment later, Lizard and Jiang were asleep while Rayon was looking at the way confused. Then they arrived at their destination. Rayon asks Chin if he’s resting, and Chin responds that they’re not there for resting. Rayon looks at Lizard and says he thinks someone there is resting, but Lizard just laughs, which makes Rayon angry. Rayon asks Lizard how dare he laugh, then Jiang stops Rayon and tells Rayon to hold his horses. Suddenly, someone called Chinwoo platoon, which made Rayon and Jiang shocked. Benton shouted, “Commence the operation.” Rayon holds on to his weapons, Jiang readies himself, and Lizard just smiles while thinking he’s gonna kill all the monsters. Then Chin orders the students to march ahead. Rayon and Jiang respond, but Lizard immediately jumps. Lizard is screaming in the air, and when he lands, he uses his divine power. Then Lizard runs toward the place, which makes Rayon say he doesn’t like the way Lizard was possessed now. But Jiang tells Rayon that the operation has begun, and they should go. Rayon responds, “You know,” and shows his weapon. Then Rayon says they should show Lizard the power difference between them, but Jiang just tells Rayon to focus on the operation.






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